New data has revealed the Morrison Government’s aged care regulator did not sanction one Victorian home at the height of the state’s COVID-19 second wave.

The data on the performance of the Morrison Government’s regulator between July and September also reveals just 18 homes in Victoria were given notices to agree despite hundreds of outbreaks in aged care.

It beggars belief that despite more than 600 deaths not one aged care home in Victoria was sanctioned by the Morrison Government’s regulator.

How did the Morrison Government and the failed Minister for Aged Care think this was acceptable?

The Morrison Government’s regulator is a toothless tiger and clearly doesn’t have the powers and resources it needs to keep older Australians safe.

There has been one shocking revelation after another.

The Minister for Aged Care has previously confirmed the regulator ceased unannounced visits to aged care homes at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The regulator also had to admit it knew about the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 at St Basil’s for four days and failed to inform the Department of Health.

The Morrison Government’s inaction to fix the regulator is just more evidence of its aged care failure.

Day after day the evidence mounts of serious neglect in aged care and every day all we see from the Morrison Government is running away, passing the buck and not accepting responsibility for its own failures.

Neglect. That’s the legacy of this Government when it comes to aged care.

Australians deserve better.

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