When an aged care resident went missing in Ohio, USA, nurses and facility staff couldn’t work out how she got out. After searching for several hours, she was finally found dead in a walk-in freezer. 

The 86 year old woman, who was living with dementia, managed to get past locked doors and other security precautions. Staff called local police at 1:40am to report her missing. 

“The alarm didn’t go off,” a nurse told the police dispatchers. “We don’t know how she got out.”

After searching for two hours, staff called the police, with officers arriving and searching with staff for a further two hours, even calling in a helicopter team for assistance. At 4am, they found her body in the facility’s walk-in freezer. 

Ohio’s Montgomery County Coroner, Kent Harshbarger, has said that the cause and manner of her death has not yet been determined. 

She has been identified as Sofiya Perel, and as of yet, her care facility has not yet released a statement regarding the incident. 

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