I have to say now on reflection I was a little out of sorts last Thursday. I didn’t feel myself. Which I’m sure was related to the events that were to unfold in the coming hours.

Later that day I had this strong sense that I must visit my grandma. I left work early that day which was unusual for me.

I went and visited her. When I arrived I was surprised to see her the way she was.

It became clear she had called me as she needed me. We often talked about sending each other telepathic messages when we needed each other. That day was not different.

Walking into her room I could see she wasn’t well. She was very flushed, I could hear her chest was “rattling” and could see her health had deteriorated this time beyond the point of any medical return.

I requested that the doctor come in and make her more ‘comfortable’ – she was struggling to breath. She wasn’t comfortable – as hard as it was to accept I could see this was the beginning of the end.

Despite her deficits – her intuition was still there. She kept telling me “Someone is going to die today”… I said “who is, Grandma?” and she replied “I can’t remember who but I know someone is going to die today”.

At that stage I didn’t think she was going to die that day and thought she was just reflecting on other people in her life that have died.

She kept yelling out Lozzy Lozzy Lozzy… I was there to comfort her. We talked about her happy place – which was in the place we both spent a lot of time over the last few decades together at the beach.

What happened next gives me chills when I think about it.

As I walked out her room to find the nurse. One of the residents who had dementia was standing at the entrance of my grandma’s bedroom – saying “Goodbye lady. Goodbye lady”, with a sad expression on his face. I asked him who are you speaking to. He said “the lady in there,” with a sad expression on his face shaking his head saying “goodbye lady – goodbye”.

At that point I still didn’t think my grandma was going to die that day. Well, maybe it had crossed my mind – but she was still talking to me and I thought her demise would take a little longer than that.

However, over a period of a few hours she deteriorated quite quickly.

The doctor visited and agreed she would be more comfortable with morphine to help her rapid breathing.

Our family was all present – just the way she would’ve wanted it.

We all began discussing a roster. My aunty and my dad and mum decided that they would go home now and my sister and I would stay for the first few hours. They would return in the morning.

My dad and aunt had only been gone for 10-15 minutes when her breathing began to slow, it became more laboured. I could see she was dying more quickly than any of us anticipated.

It was a precious moment both my sister and I could share with her. We told her everything we were grateful for, how much she inspired us and how much she did for us. I told her “grandma you don’t have to struggle anymore. It’s time to go to your happy place and we will meet you there”.

It was like she knew. With in five more breaths – she was gone.

No more signs of life. Her body and her spirit began to leave us.

My grandma has always been in tune with her inner being. Was it possible that she sensed her pending death? Was it that she knew she was the person that was going to die that day?

She was very protective of my dad and aunty – was it possible she was protecting them again and chose a moment to die when they had left?

My grandma and I had a very strong connection – just like two peas in a pod. We could just read each other. I knew when she needed me. She trusted me. She trusted my judgement and I know when I was with her she felt safe.

It’s got me thinking – Does a ‘sixth sense’ really exist? Scientists claim they have discovered the ‘intuition’ gene , which goes beyond the basic five senses of taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.

This apparent sixth sense affects ‘proprioception’ or body awareness.

I believe this day – my grandma had the sixth sense. The old man walking past her room did too. He may have lost other senses – but not this.

Has something like this happened to you or someone you know? Witnessing a death, whilst very different to witnessing a birth, is such a powerful ‘out of body’ life experience. Both with two very different emotions, but yet symbolic of the circle of life.

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