I think we can all agree that it’s important to find things to help lift our spirits and today we have just the thing for you. For the last two years, the residents at Spiritwood Assisted Living in Washington State, USA have been recreating iconic movie moments and compiling them in a calendar to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Someone there clearly has a very well stocked wig collection, and we can’t stop smiling at these ingenious recreations of some of our favourite characters. From that well known chocolate factory scene in I Love Lucy, to 90s cult favourite Wayne’s World, these guys and gals really know how to turn out a look. 

star trek recreations

Star Trek

Speaking to the Good News Network, community relations director at Spiritwood at Pine Lake, Jennifer Angell said that she came up with the idea when she was looking for something unique and enjoyable for the residents to do. 

The Blues Brothers recreations

The Blues Brothers

Not only are these photos fun for the residents to create and then look back on, but they also do good for the wider community. 

Top Gun recreations

Top Gun

Once the photos are taken and edited, they are compiled into a calendar and sold to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Wayne's World recreations

Wayne’s World

“For the first calendar in 2019, the whole process took about four months,” said Jennifer. “I would do just one photo at a time, and when it was ready, I’d present it to the community at lunchtime. People passed the photo around and the featured resident would dress up in costume and parade around the lunchroom. It was so much fun for everyone.”

Princess Leia from Star Wars recreations

Princess Leia from Star Wars

After the first three boxes of calendars were snatched up by resident’s family and friends, the Alzheimer’s Association posted about them on their blog in 2018, which boosted sales even more. 

I Love Lucy recreations

I Love Lucy iconic chocolate factory scene

At the end of it all, the association had raised around $14,000 just from sales of the 2019 calendar. 

Alfred Hitchcock recreations

Alfred Hitchcock

So what’s next? Well, according to Jennifer, the 2021 calendar is set around the theme of Iconic Figures, and will feature people like Sonny and Cher, Willie Nelson, and Andy Warhol, alongside historical figures like Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Godfather recreations

The Godfather

Until then, we’re just loving these fun and playful recreations that really prove that you’re never too old to enjoy some creativity and a bit of silliness. 

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