Residents of Carlyle Gardens are proving that running a successful community garden needn’t be all about soil and toil.

The flourishing garden at the Bargara village was established in March last year and has been a source of much pleasure for residents since.

Margaret Halliday helped established the garden along with her partner Robert, fellow resident Les Mills and others.

“We have pumpkins, tomatoes, shallots, rosella, plus we have rose gardens and succulents in a dry area,” Margaret said.

“People love the jams, relishes and chutneys that are made from the produce.

“We also put produce up in the community centre for people to enjoy for a small donation.”

As well as tasty fruit and vegetables, the garden brings other benefits, Margaret explained.

“It’s a social thing – anyone is invited to take part,” Margaret said.

“On Sunday mornings we water the produce, then have a cup of coffee and a snack or something and generally discuss what’s going on with the garden.”

Keen travellers Margaret and Robert have lived at Carlyle Gardens for five years, and are enjoying life at the beachside community as much as ever.

“We love the peace and quiet, the security and the fact we can regularly meet up with friends,” Margaret said. “It’s a very social sort of place.

“When we’ve been away, it’s always a great place to come back to.”

Carlyle Gardens offers relaxed and secure retirement living in peaceful surroundings.

Robert and Margaret Halliday 1

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