In a press conference this afternoon, Scott Morrison announced the government will inject a further $445 million into the aged care sector to support efforts to protect elderly Australians, who are most at risk from coronavirus.

The government will put $235 million to staffing in aged care.

“We are providing $444.6 million of additional funding from the Commonwealth to support aged care facilities. Now, that is on top of the more than $100 million that I announced last week in relation to workforce support across the country for aged care,” Mr Morrison said.

“That includes $234.9 million for a retention bonus to ensure the continuity of the workforce for staff in both residential and home care.

“There is a $78.3 million in additional funding for residential care to support continuity of workforce supply. 

“There is $26.9 million to supplement the viability of residential aged care facilities, including for national tourist trade under aged care program and the multipurpose services and homeless providers.

“There is $92 million being provided in additional support for home care providers and organisations which deliver the Commonwealth home support program, including for services such as meals on wheels, and $12.3 million to support the mire aged care service to respond to the needs of older Australians,” Mr Morrison said.

“This additional funding is being focused on those who are most vulnerable, to get them the additional support so they can get access to the essential things they need, particularly through things like Meals on Wheels and homecare support, and the other things older Australians will need going through this time,” he said.


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