Catherine Henry royal commission reform
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 4, 2019

Providers should be fined for aged care failures

  Aged care providers that fail to provide quality care should be fined, and residents who are neglected should be given compensation, a specialist aged care lawyer has said. Catherine Henry told the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, “It’s not sufficient to revoke accreditation only to have it re-conferred in a subsequent accreditation inspection, as this Commission has heard in evidence.” “The managers and boards of residential aged care facilities should be held personally accountable when...
Zali Steggall
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 4, 2019

NDIS not available to people over 65: it’s “discrimination”, says Zali Steggall

  Disability benefits cut out at the age of 65, leaving many older people with disability unable to cover the costs of their care, the Member for Warringah has told parliament. The cut off is an example of “discrimination” against older people, said Zali Steggall MP, who presented a petition to parliament on Tuesday, the International Day of People with Disability. The petition is calling for “urgent action” and changes to legislation that would allow increased support for people over...
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Dec 2, 2019

Canberra’s Community Café Outshining Current Models of Care

There has been no shortage of complex strategies and guidelines regarding dementia care over the last two decades, but there is a growing list of evidence that suggests the best results may occur from going back to basics.  People are social creatures, and the need to feel included by those around us does not appear to diminish with age or cognitive decline. Like all great things in life, happiness is an experience that feels best when it is shared...

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Getting Older
HelloCare Mail
HelloCare Mail Dec 6, 2019

Intergenerational ‘playdates’ expand dementia awareness for children

Pymble Turramurra Preschool youngsters are getting masterclasses every week in puzzles, art and bubble blowing as well as an understanding and appreciation of residents living with dementia. The visits are taking place every Thursday morning at HammondCare North Turramurra’s Princess Juliana Lodge, a residential care service for residents. [caption id="attachment_15530" align="alignleft" width="200"] HammondCare's intergenerational playdates. Image supplied.[/caption] Residential Manager North Turramurra Sarah Murphy said the intergenerational playdates were a win for both the children – up to 10 at...
Patricia Maton
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Dec 6, 2019

Man Charged With Attempted Murder After The Brutal Bashing Of 84-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

A 43-Year-Old man by the name of Peter Thao Vinh Phu Bui faced the Hornsby Local Court yesterday and was refused bail after being charged with a string of crimes including the brutal attempted murder of a great grandmother in her retirement home. The man was arrested during a traffic stop on Wednesday following an extensive manhunt that followed the brutal bashing and robbery of an 84-year-old woman that took place on November 16. Patricia Maton had only been living...
80 Year Old PowerLifter
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Nov 27, 2019

Elderly Female Weightlifter Beats Up Home Intruder

The local gym in 2019 is a sea of well-groomed young men and women who look more interested in taking photos of themselves lifting weights, than actually breaking a real sweat.  In amongst all the fake tan, eyelash extensions, and designer training gear, you will occasionally find the rare strength athlete known as a ‘powerlifter’ who cares more about moving heavy iron than having abs for summer.  82-Year-Old Willie Murphy has dedicated a lifetime to lifting heavy objects...

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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 7, 2019

Two-hourly repositioning to prevent bedsores is “abuse”, study says

  New research from the University of New South Wales has raised questions about the correct way to care for those requiring pressure area care. The common practice of repositioning every two hours those at risk of developing bedsores may be interrupting their natural sleep rhythms, causing them to become more agitated and distressed, according to the new study. The practice of repositioning also fails to prevent bedsores from developing, the researchers say. The fact that the practice continues is a form...

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HelloCare Mail
HelloCare Mail Mar 13, 2018

Welcome Message from Ken Wyatt

Welcome Message from Ken Wyatt...
Alzheimer's & dementia
tai chi falls dementia
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 3, 2019

Tai chi reduces falls among those living with dementia

  Tai chi can reduce the incidence of falls and improve quality of life for people who are living with dementia, according to a new study. It has long been known that tai chi has benefits for older people, but this study, for the first time, examined how it might benefit people who are living with dementia. Preventing falls among people who are living with dementia is a hugely important issue because people living with dementia are twice as likely...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Nov 29, 2019

Link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease confirmed

  While it’s easy to understand that air pollution may affect our lungs because we breathe in air, it’s not so obvious that there could be links between air pollution and other parts of our body. Now scientists have established that there is a link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease, and they have established that air pollution changes the structure of the brain. Researchers reviewed data from 1,000 mature women Researchers from the University of Southern California examined...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Nov 22, 2019

How do we protect the human rights of people living with dementia?

  A summit in Sydney today looked at the experiences of people living with dementia in residential aged care through a human rights lens. The summit, ‘People living with dementia, human rights and residential aged care’, arose from the research project ‘Safe and just futures for people living with dementia in residential aged care’. The starting point discussion was the use of separate dementia units, locked doors, gates, and fences for people living with dementia in residential aged care. But...
Health care professionals
M11415_1_N115 - photo credit Peter Clarke - Copy
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 6, 2019

The beautiful Melbourne hospital benefitting both patients and staff

  The buildings we live and work in can have a profound effect on our lives, a truth that is particularly relevant in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and aged care facilities. Being immersed in beauty and design that carefully considers the needs of its users not only feels good, it’s good for our health. Research has shown, time and time again, that good design improves health outcomes, even in extreme healthcare environments, such as operating theatres. A famous study...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 5, 2019

Peak bodies unite before Christmas to warn of looming aged care crisis

  Australia’s aged care peak bodies have issued an urgent plea to the government for “urgent funding” to avoid a crisis in the aged care sector. According to a survey conducted by the peak bodies, around 15 per cent of aged care providers say they may need to close their doors within the next 12 months. According to the latest StewartBrown report, 53 per cent of aged facilities are operating at a loss.  And analysis by Leading Age Services...
Aged Care Workforce Wants Out
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Dec 5, 2019

Almost 40% of Aged Care Staff Want To Leave Within Five Years

There was a sense of urgency in the building as aged care providers and industry leaders gathered at this week's “Strengthening the Aged Care Workforce Conference," to discuss the issues and possible solutions to the industry’s staffing woes. Australia’s ageing population is set to place even more pressure on an aged care system that is struggling to meet demands, and workforce issues are shaping up to be one of the greatest challenges going forward. Although attracting new staff has...

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