Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 20, 2020

Major aged care provider reports $40 million loss

  One of the nation’s largest aged care providers has reported a loss of $40 million. However, after a property revaluation of nearly $24 million, the organisation’s “comprehensive loss” was reported as $16 million. During the 2018-19 financial year, UnitingCare received nearly $651 million in government grants and subsidies.  On top of that it received $515 million in patient and client revenue, and $213 million in services and fees. Executives were paid $4.7 million, a decline from the...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 17, 2020

Aged care residents receive half the funding of prisoners

  Aged care residents receive around half the government funding of prisoners, the CEO of a Tasmanian nursing home has told local media. Aged Care Deloraine CEO, Charlie Emmerton, told The Advocate it was “really sad” older members of the community receive such low levels of funding. “On average we get $50,000 a year for a resident, which includes their daily care, cleaning, washing, medication, and food. "If I was running a prison I would get $100,000 per...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 16, 2020

Savings from home care changes should go to cutting wait list

  The government is proposing to change the way it delivers funding for home care services because there is a growing problem with rising levels of unspent funds. Currently, funding for home care is delivered in bulk and upfront. One problem of that system is when funding is not spent by the consumer, it remains with the provider. Home care providers currently have around $800 million worth of unspent funds sitting on their books. The average level of unspent funds per provider is...

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Getting Older
old couple die while holding hands
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Jan 21, 2020

Elderly Couple Die Together Holding Hands In Nursing Home

An elderly couple in the US had their nursing home beds pushed together in the final moments of their lives allowing them to hold hands as they both passed away within hours of each other on the same day. Jack and Harriet Morrison were married for over 60 years and shared a relationship that could only be described as a fairytale. The couple first met in 1955 as a young Harriet accompanied her father on a bus trip with his...
Margaret and Jamie
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Jan 20, 2020

Dementia patient and her carer sing Sinatra classic and hit number 7 on the charts

When 31-year-old carer Jamie Lee Morley first heard aged care resident Margaret Mackie sing, he automatically assumed that the beautiful voice he heard was coming from a nearby radio. While it is certainly not uncommon for aged care staff and residents to develop strong bonds, nobody at the Northcare Suites Care Home in Glasgow, Scotland, could have imagined what would happen next. The pair were recently thrust into the public spotlight as heartwarming footage of the young carer and the...
Nursing Home Residents Produce Snacks And Shelter For Bushfire Affected Wildlife
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Jan 15, 2020

Nursing Home Residents Craft Snacks And Shelter For Bushfire Affected Wildlife

The residents of Lifeview’s Willow Wood facility in Victoria’s South Eastern suburbs have always marched to the beat of their own drum.  In late 2019, a group of residents aged between 75 and 99 made headlines as they posed for a nude calendar. Later in the year, they managed to take the internet by storm yet again with a hilarious Christmas video that featured three scantily clad residents showing off their wild side while making a cake. Like all...

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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 21, 2020

Two-hourly repositioning to prevent bedsores is “abuse”, study says

  New research from the University of New South Wales has raised questions about the correct way to care for those requiring pressure area care. The common practice of repositioning every two hours those at risk of developing bedsores may be interrupting their natural sleep rhythms, causing them to become more agitated and distressed, according to the new study. The practice of repositioning also fails to prevent bedsores from developing, the researchers say. The fact that the practice continues is a form...

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HelloCare Mail
HelloCare Mail Mar 13, 2018

Welcome Message from Ken Wyatt

Welcome Message from Ken Wyatt...
Alzheimer's & dementia
Michael Preston
Michael Preston Jan 19, 2020

Hearts of gold

Three years ago I walked into a memory support facility in Gerringong NSW. I had recently moved to the area with my partner from Tasmania and had graduated with a degree in dementia from the University of Tasmania the year before. So I was eager to specialise in an area I had become passionate about over the past three years.  From the moment I stepped into the door, I was greeted by smiling faces, from the manager to staff...
HelloCare Mail
HelloCare Mail Dec 21, 2019

Best of 2019: 24 Hour Nurse, A Mother’s Day Story

[embed][/embed] This year, International Nurses Day coincided with Mother's Day. Nicky Hondros, a palliative care nurse shared her and her mum's heartfelt story and provided a little glimpse into what it's like caring for someone living with dementia....
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Dec 12, 2019

Granddaughter follows couple’s heartbreaking journey through dementia 

  Danish photographer, Sophie Mathiassen, has been awarded the 2019 Bob and Diane Fund award for her profoundly moving body of work that captures her grandparents’ journey through dementia.  ‘But greatest is love’ is the story of Ms Mathiassen’s grandparents, from the time her grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s disease, to how his wife stepped up to be his carer, and how she coped with slowly losing her life partner until, eventually, he passed away.  The...
Health care professionals
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 21, 2020

Government calls for input into draft plan for ageing population

  The federal government has released a draft version of its Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Roadmap and is calling for feedback from the public. The aim of the $185 million ‘Roadmap’ is to help the government prioritise funding for dementia and aged care research. The key aim of the ‘Mission’ is to support older Australians to maintain their health and quality of life as they age, to live independently for longer, and to access quality care when they...
aged care staff social media
Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Jan 17, 2020

Aged Care Staff Need To Be Careful About What They Say Online

While there is no doubt that the internet has enhanced our ability to access information and communicate with those we love, giving everyone the ability to speak to the masses is not a privilege without complications. The vast majority of Australians have personal social media accounts, and it is not uncommon to see posts from friends and family members who take the opportunity to vent their frustrations publicly. The last three years have seen a surge in the number of...
Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan Jan 15, 2020

Why are aged care staff paying expenses out of their own pockets?

  Aged care staff are paying for work expenses out of their own pockets, despite it being a widely acknowledged fact they are underpaid. All too often home care staff will pick up the tab for an outing with a client, paying for their client’s coffee or movie ticket on a day out. On their own, each outing might not seem like a large expense. Warm-hearted staff might think it’s worth the cost to see their client smile, but over...

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