Everyone at some point in their lives needs a nurse. The young, the old, the injured and the sick have all been cared for by nurses.

Most people choose to do nursing with the best of intentions – they want to help people and make a difference for people who need care.

But once you’re out “on the frontlines” doing your duty, it’s easy to get drained. Nursing is a demanding career.

There are patients, families, doctors, management, and other nurses – and they can be, at times, challenging to deal with.

There are long shifts both day and night, skipped meals and little sleep. Burnout and compassion fatigue are all too frequent.

Many nurses end up leaving the field – some because of lack of support, some because of the lack of income, and others because of their own health.

For one reason or another, people can fall out of love with nursing.

So what would it take to help a person rediscover their love and passion for nursing?

4 Reasons Why Nursing is Forever Rewarding

The Thanks

It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, being hurt or ill can be scary – and it’s ok to be afraid, it’s human nature. Nurses are the friendly faces patients see at such a confronting time.

Some may argue that nursing can be a “thankless” job, where patients and families simply do not show their appreciation.

But for nurses, seeing the patient happy and well – leaving in a better state than they came in – is thanks enough.

Stability and Growth

Stability may not be something that people think of when they think about nursing. The hours are rarely structured and pay can be very thin at times.

But people will need nurses. There are nurses in hospitals, clinics, rehab and aged care – just to name a few. There is always something a nurse can to do help people.

And with the vast opportunities for nurses, there is always something new to learn. Career development never ends in nursing.

If a nurse is finding they are “falling out of love” with where they are at, why not try a new health sector?

The Challenge

Nursing is challenging – and definitely for people who like a challenge. Problem-solving and putting valued skills to good use are just a few of the ways that nurses find fulfilment.

The pace can vary depending on where you are, for example, private clinics are much easier going than the emergency departments. There is something for every kind of nurse.

Helping People

The core of nursing is to help people – which may be the most rewarding human act possible.

Nurses see some terrible things in their line of work – it’s a career that you really have to be cut out for to do. But helping people out of those situations is what helps drive nurses.

Nurses save lives. It’s a humbling and awe-inspiring experience that most jobs will never give people.

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