The local gym in 2019 is a sea of well-groomed young men and women who look more interested in taking photos of themselves lifting weights, than actually breaking a real sweat. 

In amongst all the fake tan, eyelash extensions, and designer training gear, you will occasionally find the rare strength athlete known as a ‘powerlifter’ who cares more about moving heavy iron than having abs for summer. 

82-Year-Old Willie Murphy has dedicated a lifetime to lifting heavy objects, boasting countless world records in multiple age categories that have been recognised by the World Natural Powerlifting Federation.

While most women of her age enjoy hobbies like gardening and crossword puzzles, Ms. Murphy can be found grunting aloud at her local YMCA as she deadlifts 100 kilograms off the floor.

Possessing strength of this magnitude is not common regardless of age bracket, and a would-be-intruder who attempted to break into Ms. Murphy’s home was forced to learn the hard way that age is nothing but a number.

Willie Murphy was startled by the noise of a man banging on her door last week as she prepared herself to go to bed.

The voice from behind the door begged her to call an ambulance – which she did – but the gentleman became angry and broke through Ms. Murphy’s front door when she refused to let him in. 

“It’s kind of semi-dark and I’m alone, and I’m old. But guess what, I’m tough,” she said, bearing her muscular arms. “He picked the wrong house to break into.”

What happened next can only be described as unbelievable, as Ms. Murphy utilised a variety of household items and furniture to beat the unwanted home intruder senseless.

Firstly, she got ahold of a table and “went to work” on the intruder until the table actually broke, she then got her hands on one of the steel legs from that table and continued her barrage on her would-be-attacker.

Next, Ms. Murphy decided to add some cardio to this impromptu workout by repeatedly jumping on the attacker as he attempted to get up and fight back.

Unfortunately for the attacker, Willie Murphy is just as resourceful as she is strong, which was evidenced as she retreated to the kitchen in the middle of beating the intruder, only to return with shampoo and squirt it in his eyes. 

It was probably at this point when the intruder began to fully appreciate the gravity of his mistake, but just in case there was any doubt, Ms. Murphy also got ahold of the broom and beat the man like a cheap rug.

Luckily, police arrived before Willie Murphy could get her hands on any other household weapons and put an end to grizzly grandmother’s overpowering onslaught.

Ms. Murphy believed that the intruder looked relieved when an ambulance arrived and she was not shy when it came to boasting about her own handy work.

“I think he was happy when he went in the ambulance because I sent him in the ambulance. Yes, I did.”

Although fitness of all types is beneficial, maybe it’s time we start encouraging our seniors to swap their water aerobics classes for some bench press.

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