As an Amateur Radio expert, MePACS client Simon loves keeping up with modern technology and communications. So when he saw the MePACS Solo watch, he knew it was the right personal alarm to suit his needs.

Enjoying his independent lifestyle, he wanted a personal alarm watch that was discreet and convenient, with automatic falls detection and 24/7 monitoring by an emergency response service.

“My main concern is obviously having a safety measure in place when I have a fall. There’s been many times where I’ve tripped and found myself on the floor with no phone or way to contact someone within reach. The fact that the MePACS Solo is a wearable personal alarm means I can wear it wherever and whenever I want.”

Simon worked in security management for 30 years and volunteered his time with the Country Fire Association (CFA) to help with radio communications during emergencies and search and rescues. However, with such physical work, he found that his knee was becoming weaker over time.

“I’ve had a couple of falls recently where I’ve used the MePACS Solo to signal for emergency help, and I knew the response team were guaranteed to answer. They did so very quickly and then stayed on the line and talked to me until carers and the ambulance arrived. It was very comforting to know they would wait until I got the help I needed – that’s more than I could ask for.

“In one particular fall, I was knocked unconscious and the next thing I know, the paramedics were right there in front of me. With the MePACS Solo, I have the guarantee that help will arrive, so I don’t have to worry as much.”

Now prone to falls, he used his funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme to purchase the personal alarm watch.

“I wanted a personal alarm with a trained response service because I couldn’t count on people to answer their phone at any given time. Knowing that I always have support from MePACS at the tap of a finger makes me feel more secure in my own home. I also have more confidence to go out for a walk as the watch has GPS location technology.”

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Simon uses his MePACS Solo watch to its full potential, keeping an eye on his sleep and heart rate with the intuitive health metrics.

“I like to keep up with modern technology so I am familiar with how a smart watch works and personally find it easy to use. I think it’s quite interesting that a personal alarm can track my heart rate and sleeping pattern, which is certainly helpful in monitoring my health.”

Simon’s caring and friendly nature carries across the airwaves. During the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne, he called out to fellow broadcasters to check-in on their welfare, and even made some international connections.

“I know the technical side of amateur radio very well, so it’s become quite a passion of mine. I’ve talked to people in America, the UK and China – it’s such a great way to meet people from all over the world.”

Simon now has the benefit of a familiar personal alarm watch connected to a reliable 24/7 response service. If the MePACS Solo also sounds like the right personal alarm for you, you can find more information on our official page or by calling our team on 1800 685 329.

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