Sometimes you come across a video that literally changes your outlook on life. That’s what just happened to me.

It’s a video created by Prince Ea titled “Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives”.

Watch the video below to find out what I mean:

We all need to follow our dreams. When we’re lying on our deathbed, that’s the most shocking regret we’re likely to have.

The video reminds me of an idea posted on Ideapod by Lisa Martin titled “I don’t care who you are or where you live, we all have one thing in common.”

It speaks to importance of following our dreams:

We like to dream—to close our eyes and imagine that we’re living the life we were meant to lead. It’s a desire that’s imbedded in our DNA. To want more. Achieve more. Become more.

It’s why we start new businesses, write novels, learn to play the guitar, get our MBA, change careers, learn to cook, sew, or speak Swahili.

We’re all chasing a dream. Everyday life dreams as well. Like simple happiness, good health, or financial independence; finding a place to call home, someone to love, or a path to inner peace. Perhaps it’s just a life with less pain, heartache, or loneliness.

Dreams are not only what make the world a better place, but you and I better human beings. We need to chase our dreams every chance we get. Fortunately, most of us do, and with all our hearts.

Unfortunately, many of us give up on those dreams almost before we even start. But you don’t have to. Everything is achievable, and for the sake of humanity, continue following your dream, whatever it may be.

Check the idea on Ideapod here.

And please share this post so we can all help each other avoid the regret of not following our dreams and living the life we truly want.

Originally published on The Power of Ideas.

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