An article in the Townsville Bulletin is reporting that a blind and partially deaf woman was allegedly raped by a 21-year-old employee in an aged care facility in Townsville.

The alleged victim also claims to have endured sexual abuse ever since arriving at the facility.

It has been reported that the alleged attacker was a night shift aged care worker who was one of three employees that were working at the time of the incident which occurred on November 29, 2018.

The accused is believed to have entered the victim’s locked room using a key while acting as though he had intentions of changing the victim’s continence pads before raping the woman as she begged her attacker to stop.

The victim who is partially deaf, blind and bedridden was unable to physically identify her attacker, but police will allege that the DNA evidence taken from sperm that was found on the woman matched the 21-year-old aged care employee.

The Townsville Bulletin is also reporting that detectives seized the victim’s bedding and interviewed her before completing a rape kit and interviewing the two other staff members that were working at the time.

The man who can not be named for legal reasons was arrested two weeks after the alleged incident and is currently behind bars awaiting trial.

It is believed that the man had no prior criminal history and his defense lawyers claimed that there was a third contributor to the DNA that investigators found on the victim – in a failed attempt to secure bail for their client.

Police flagged their concerns about the attacker in court documents, sharing their concerns about how the 21-year-old used his position of trust to “commit a heinous sexual act against a significantly older disabled person in an aged care facility.”

The alleged rape is said to have taken place at an aged care facility that is currently run by a nationwide not-for-profit organisation, who has not yet publicly commented about the incident.


Photo courtesy of iStock- credit: Zefereli

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