No one wants to leave this world without leaving their mark. And this can mean different things to different people.

It can be as simple as letting your loved ones know you wish them well and offer them valuable advice to go on when you’re no longer there. 

For some people this could be leaving behind recipes that have been in the family for generations. Or places they wish for them to travel to.

And for others, it’s just wanting to be remembered after they pass.

The legacy you leave behind is a part of how people will remember you along with the memories that you shared.

That is why Verna Scott-Culkin created the “Before I Go” journal. Her inspirations came from a place which a lot of people can relate to, “having lost my father to Cancer and mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s, we now have two very empty chairs around the dinner table at our lovely and regular family get togethers,” she says.  

Before I Go

Around the same time, one of Verna’s closest friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This busy mum of two was always running around looking after others and their family home. But what would happen if she were to pass?

Life would continue for the family – her husband would find a way to cope, people would help and the kids would grow up without her. Fortunately, this friend made a full recovery.

But it made Verna wonder, what if there was a guide to “her” that she could leave behind for her loved ones?

It was from there Verna and her husband discussed creating a book that could be filled with love, advice, wishes and even recipes.

The Before I Go journal is “something my dad may have filled in privately and my mother in law could have filled in on her ‘good’ days, and my friend, just to fill in and take control of something when her world felt it was collapsing around her,” explains Verna.

Before I Go

The journal itself is very unique with nothing else like it anywhere – putting down a person’s thoughts, hopes, sayings and wishes.

Thinking about death, dying and passing on is difficult for everyone. No one wants to think about the people they’ll leave behind, let alone having “that” conversation with them.

Far from being morbid, the journal was created so that it could be filled with love, memories and thoughts – as something special to leave your family and friends.

To get your own copy of Before I Go, go to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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