Only four weeks ago, empty supermarket shelves across Australia became an internationally renowned symbol for selfishness.

Although panicked shoppers hoarding essential items for their own families was certainly a major cause of this issue, there was also a small selection scumbag’s who saw the beginnings of a pandemic as a chance to profit.

These selfish opportunists then began selling these essential items at inflated prices over the internet, but now that buying patterns have returned to normal, many are finding themselves stuck with large quantities of essential items that they can’t sell.

Only weeks after a greedy American shopper revealed that he was left with 17,000 bottles of hand sanitiser, members of a greedy South Australian ‘shopping gang’ have also received their shipment of karma.

With over 50 stores operating in both Queensland and South Australia, Drakes Supermarkets are the largest independent grocery retailer in the country.

Recently, the supermarket’s director John-Paul Drake has revealed his hilariously blunt response to a greedy man who had now been left stranded with 4,800 rolls of toilet paper and 150 litres of hand sanitiser.

Mr. Drake was flabbergasted when an unidentified shopper contacted him over the phone asking if he could get a refund on 150 packs of toilet paper (32 rolls per pack) and 150 one-litre bottles of hand sanitiser.

John was quick to refuse the absurd request, as limits on essential items within the supermarket indicated that this greedy shopper had been working with a team of shoppers to buy these items when they were in demand.

But that didn’t stop the man from turning up in-person with a fistful of receipts to try and strike a deal.

“He had all the receipts, he came back and offered me a 30 percent discount,” said Mr. Drake.

Mr. Drake then left the selfish shopper in no doubt about his response to this new proposition as he extended his fist and raised his middle finger in a delightfully blunt gesture of defiance.

Mr Drake

“This sort of behaviour is disgraceful. He is the sort of person that’s causing the problem in the whole country.”

“We have only been selling these items one at a time. He would have had to have come in 150 times to buy them. That’s 150 (other) customers who have missed out.”

“We’re all about supporting the local community. I want products bought here to stay here but this is ridiculous.”

Vulnerable Australians like the elderly who can often struggle to get to the shops were amongst the hardest hit due to the lack of essential items.

So hopefully, this greedy gang of shoppers are left stranded at the check-out for a very long time.


Photo Credit – iStock – ozgurdonmaz – Photo does not depict people/situations from within the body of the article.

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