We look forward to an apology from those most vocal in effectively denigrating ALL aged care providers based on what happened at Oakden.

– Grandstanding Politicians of all persuasions

– Self-serving media outlets and ignorant commentators

– Journalist

– South Australian Ministers for Health (past and present)

The Aged Care Industry, providers across Australia, look forward to a public apology for the damage caused to the reputation of the entire industry and every individual who works in it.

As totally unacceptable as the circumstance of Oakden are, it is not a reflection of the Aged Care Industry, yet it is the Aged Care Industry as a whole that has ridiculed and penalised as a consequence of a kneejerk, bandwagon mentality.

The following is taken from “The report of the Oakden Review”, by Dr Aaron Groves Chief Psychiatrist, (page 31)

What is Oakden?

Oakden is not a Nursing Home.

Oakden is, and has always been a Specialist Older Person’s Mental Health Service for South Australians with Severe Mental Illness including those arising in the context of Dementia, for 34 years.

During almost half of that time, a significant part, but not all of the facility, has also been funded by the Commonwealth as an Aged Care Facility. This has led to confusion at all levels of the Health System in South Australia.

Whilst part of Oakden, has “Nursing Home” status under Commonwealth Aged Care Funding arrangements, it has always been an integral part of the continuum of State-operated Specialist OPMHS. The referral pathway is primarily from SA Health acute OPMHS to a system that is run by SA Health. The service is for those people who have the most severe problems which mean they could not be provided assistance by any other Commonwealth funded Dementia Specific Facility in SA.

We’re waiting!

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