Age is proving no barrier for the unlikely friendships blooming at Braemar Village’s aged care home in Willagee, thanks to a new partnership with a local childcare centre.

Residents at the not-for-profit home have been striking up friendships with youngsters from the Birra-Li Child Care centre next door, as part of an intergenerational partnership, which aims to encourage companionship and connections between young and old.

Lyn Cattell, Facility Manager of Braemar Village, said the benefits of the partnership extended both ways, with the children and residents involved genuinely enjoying their time together and forming strong bonds.

“We’re delighted by how well our intergenerational partnership has been received by both the residents and children alike,” she said.

“Seniors benefit from interacting with younger people, particularly the little ones. It helps them to feel young themselves and reminds them of their own childhood, as well as enabling them to share stories and showcase their special hobbies, talents, and life lessons.

“Some of our residents may not receive that many visitors, because perhaps their children live overseas or are working. Our partnership with Birra-Li Child Care is one way in which can reduce loneliness or isolation, while giving residents something to really look forward to.”

Braemar Presbyterian Care is a community ministry of the Presbyterian Church in WA. Braemar operates three residential care facilities providing 220 residential places.

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