Australian cities have become rich cultural melting pots over the years, boasting mouth-watering cuisine from all corners of the globe.

Anyone in the mood for fine dining has an unbelievable amount of options at their disposal, and freshly made Italian pasta usually sits very high on the list of favourites for most people.

While prepackaged pasta that sits on supermarket shelves might be good for convenience, there is no denying that handmade pasta adds a layer of authenticity and flavour that can’t be achieved by simply boiling water.

Isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has left the majority of the world with a lot more free time than usual, and an 84-year-old Italian grandmother is using her free time to teach the masses how to make authentic Italian pasta at home.

Nonna Nerina’s cooking skills are well known to locals and tourists, as guests are able to book real-life pasta making classes alongside the Italian grandmother and her sisters on a regular basis.

Isolation measures in Italy may have put a stop to these classes in real life, but current-day technology has given Nonna Nerina the opportunity to showcase the time-honoured tradition of pasta making with the world via live stream.

These two-hour live streaming tutorials connect viewers with Nonna Nerina and her beloved granddaughter Chiara as they walk viewers through a step-by-step guide on how to bring traditional Italian recipes to life.

Those who book a class receive a shopping list of ingredients prior to their class along with suggestions on what wines will go best with the meal that you are preparing.

The recipes being taught by the grandmother have been handed down through multiple generations of the Nerina family, but Australians hoping to take part will need to wake up early.

Although classes are held all week, Nonna Nerina herself only hosts classes on Saturday and Sunday and these classes start at the very early times of 3 am or 7 am on the east coast of Australia.

Nonna Nerina’s granddaughter Chiara hosts the classes during the week, and this week she is teaching viewers how to make a vegetarian ravioli, gnocchi with pesto and a jaw-dropping lasagne.

While Nonna Nerina will be revealing the secret to making delicious homemade fettuccine on Saturday, and mouth-watering cannelloni on Sunday.

Booking a virtual class at will set curious Australians back around $84.00, but those who are interested should get in quickly as classes are currently booked until the end of April.

Good food is something that people of all ages can appreciate, but nobody will ever make better food that grandma.

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